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QuakeWorld Prozac CustomTF (EU) testing server

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QuakeWorld Official Prozac CustomTF (USA) server

 This QuakeWorld server is running without problems!

What is Prozac CustomTF?

Prozac CustomTF is a Quake mod based on the old-school Team Fortress, in which you can build a customized player class to play. There's some money available, and you may spend it on items, armor, weapons, "skills" or different characteristics of the gameplay. The game is balanced in the way that if, for example, you pick a huge armor set, you can't spend a lot of money on other items.

Prozac was a mod of a mod of a mod of a mod ^_^ ...first there was TF, which was the original Quake mod, then Shaka[UVM] created CustomTF based on that, then StarBrick-1, from Australia, created a mod upon that, known as the Aussie CustomTF, and finally clan Prozac's member OfteN[cp] built Prozac CustomTF.

What's Prozac QuakeWorld? or in short, ProzacQW?

Prozac QuakeWorld (known as ProzacQW), is the name of a special QuakeWorld client created with Prozac CustomTF in mind. It adds some features over the standard FuhQuake client, in which it is based. It includes server integration for weather (rain and snow), depth fog and team-based colored chat, among other features. All these characteristics can be disabled completely, and that way, you'll be basically running FuhQuake 0.31 in an old-school fashion.

Some of the specific effect features of ProzacQW can be seen in these videos:

3 screenshots of ProzacQW can be seen below:
(click on the images to enlarge them)

Purple fog in this map! Here you can see the weather 'Options' menu Here you can see the fog 'Options' menu

What do I need to play on Prozac CustomTF servers?

You can use any QuakeWorld compatible client, such as EZQuake, FTEquake, FuhQuake etc... or ProzacQW, the special client for Prozac CustomTF, which we recommend and promote here. The system requirements are low, you basically can run this even on computers prior to 2010, it doesn't pull much processor power or consume much RAM resources. Any relatively modern graphics card should be enough also.

There are 2 different ZIP files in the downloads page, which one should I choose?

If you're new to QuakeWorld clients, or simply don't have currently any Quake or TeamFortress files installed in your system, you should download the ZIP archive ending as ProzacQW_xxx_Full.zip where "xxx" is the ProzacQW version. If you have Quake and the TeamFortress mod installed, you may download the ZIP name ending with ProzacQW_xxx_Partial.zip

Ok, I downloaded the appropriate ProzacQW package ZIP, what do I do now?

Extract the ZIP contents in your Quake standard directory, or the folder you created if you've downloaded the Full package and don't have any Quake files installed. If your Windows asks you if you want to overwrite some files choose "no" and skip them all. Then create a shortcut, for example, on your desktop, to the "ProzacQW.exe" file. Then in the properties of the shortcut, add the following as command line parameters at the end of the line pointing to the executable file path:

-width 1920 -height 1080 -conwidth 800 -conheight 480 +loadcharset unknown +contrast 1.75

Note you must add a space after the executable path and prior the first item, in this case "-width". You may tweak these settings as desired but that's a good starting point. You can change resolution, console size etc... as you wish.

In which server should I play?

It's your choice, but the only servers that implemented integration with the ProzacQW client are quake.midioz.com:27500 (testing server in Europe) and (official server in USA). There are organized/scheduled matches the Saturdays at 8:00PM EST in the USA server. Those are called [PROZAC CustomTF Mayhem] games!

Join our discord server at: https://discord.gg/q4XdQpG Also some tips/tricks can be read on this page, take a look at them, even if you're an experienced player, you might learn something!

That's all! Enjoy Prozac CustomTF and if you pop on our servers try to be nice and positive! Also report any bug or issue to the e-Mail: quake@midioz.com

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